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Our course is improving...

In pursuit of our mission to provide you with the latest and best in class mindfulness resources news and training, we are constantly updating our site and adding new free resources such as soundtracks for you to enjoy. We hope you have found them useful!

Based on participant feedback and latest evidence, we are also improving our courses by making the following changes which we would like to share with you:

  • The change: Dr. Walsh's existing 4-level training course with a duration of 4 weeks will change to a 3-levels training with a duration of 6 weeks each. The content of each weekly class will also be improved and changed, meaning this will be more than just a re-clustering of weekly classes.

  • Why: the course was initially designed to facilitate the ease of participation for everyone and evidence at the time. The latest research indicates that significant gains consolidate at the sixth week of training. This also reflects the feedback and requests from our students. We have restructured our course accordingly.

  • What will remain: the evidence based, practical and structured focus of the training will not change. Online media, written and non-written pre-course and course resources will remain, as well as online tutorial/guidance from Dr. Walsh outside of the class.

  • When: the change will happen for any courses beginning after the end of July. Our website will be updated to reflect changes during the weekend of 20th of May 2017.

  • The costs: the cost of the courses with a doctor referral will be $460 for the whole 6 weeks or $208.30 out of pocket after Medicare rebate ($34.7 per week). The price will be $350 out of pocket with no referral ($58.3 per week with no initial assessment being provided by Dr. Walsh). The courses' proceeds will go towards supporting the public Resources available at and our awareness raising efforts.

What next for those who had already done a level of training with us:

  • If you have done a Level 1, 2 or 3 course in the previous structure and would like to progress, you are recommended to attend at least the final 3 weeks of the 6 week course of the equivalent level. If you would like, you can actually attend any of the classes from week 1 to week 6 and only pay for the last 3 weeks (Dr. Walsh believes you will have a better outcome if you attend all 6). This is a saving worth of 3 weeks (half of the course). But please let us know which week you will start when you sign up.

  • To enrol or if you have any questions, please message us or phone us (03 9420 1425 on Mon, Wed or Fri) before the start of the first class in the level.

We hope this change will improve everyone's experience and their mindfulness outcome. If you have any questions or feedback on this change or anything that we do, either our website, social media or newsletter, please reach out by send us a message.


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