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We are in ‘17 and moving onto ‘18.

This has been another big year for MINDFULNESS.ORG.AU, and we would like to say a big thank you to all our participants and resource users for your support - our practical and evidence based mindfulness approach could not have been possible without you!

2017 in review:

  • We hope our initial run of real-life mindfulness case studies/ vignettes has been helpful in applying mindfulness to your daily lives.

  • The practical aspect of the practices are always backed up our public resources which we continued to update and release. This year we focused on new soundtracks, and the use of mindfulness in the workplace, anxiety and depression, and how it can assist our silent heroes - the carers in their challenging tasks.

  • All our resources are supported by the success of our training courses. Based on your feedback in 2017, we have restructured our general public courses from 4 weeks to 6 weeks in duration. The feedback has been phenomenal and we even had multiple people re-attending the courses of the same level! Your thoughts and experiences will go on to shape how we can improve the lives of others through our resources and training.

  • We also had the privilege of running our first public retreat at the Abbotsford convent. Many students took advantage of this to develop a deeper practice with the help of action based learning and a constellation based approach.

With so much happening, what do we have planned for 2018?

  • We will of course continue to produce evidence based, practical and structured resources for you. Our focus will be more practical case studies and the role of Healthcare Professionals in using mindfulness to improve everyone’s lives. We would really love to hear from you on what you need - what elements of mindfulness practices or theories (from the basics to the advanced) are you having challenges with or think is inadequately addressed in the current state of mindfulness information overload on the web? Or maybe we can simply just clarify a few things for you? Please contact us.

  • We also have another exciting plan for 2018. Based on much persuasion and nudges from patients and colleagues, Dr. Walsh will be finishing up his first book on mindfulness. One working title is “Not yet another mindfulness book!” It will be quite different to what’s around already as it will focus on skilfull relationship with our emotions,communication, habit change and the spontaneity that arises from the creative open space that we nurture with our mindfulness practice.

  • Finally, thank you for those who had emailed in to chase us for the 2018 course dates and we apologise for the delay in releasing the dates due to Dr. Walsh’s conferences and hospital commitments. We will continue to run our 6 week courses as well as retreat as follows. Please see the course section for detail and book online:

  • Level 1: 07 Feb 2018

  • Level 2: 23 May 2018

  • Level 3: 1 Aug 2018

  • Retreat 22 Jul 2018

Another big thank you for all of you, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Please:

  • Have a blast!

  • Remember that everything’s more when fun done mindfully and in moderation - eating, drinking , sunbathing etc

  • Focus a few breaths and do a small Mindfulness in Action in your social interactions with colleagues, family and friends. With the pleasant ones you can breath in the good which reinforces the experience. Breath awareness assists us in dealing with the unpleasant interactions.

  • Encourage social mindfulness. We could do with politically minded people having more mindful awareness. (see our previous blog on the world’s first Summit on Mindful Politics).

  • Practice regularly during the break by remembering to make adjustments for changes in your routines - it will help you survive the holiday season for sure.

  • Make a regular mindfulness practice a new years resolution!


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