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Politicians and mindfulness

We don’t know how we missed this in October, where ministers and politicians from 15 countries meditated together in the UK House of Commons to explore the benefits of mindfulness on national and international politics and policies!*

The focus of the meeting was on self awareness, increase compassion, resilience, clear mindedness and dealing with reactivity, which 2020 US presidential hopeful Tim Ryan said helps him in dealing with Donald Trump.

Ryan summarised: “Mindful meditation allows me to take a timeout, step back and see issues as interconnected. That kind of big-picture problem-solving is desperately lacking in both US political parties today, and has in many cases been replaced with an almost hyper-partisan kind of hate...I try not to be a part of that. If you hate, you’re just adding hate. Whether you’re hating from the left or from the right, it’s still hate, and it is undermining our ability to come together as a nation to solve big problems.”

The UK is very much ahead of the curve with incorporating mindfulness into the political sphere, with 145 UK parliamentarians undertaking an 8 week mindfulness course since 2013. This movement was shared by MPs from Sweden, Netherland, Ireland and Italy.

Maybe we will see this happening more with our local politicians to help them deal with the stress and complexity of modern day politics. In turn, we hope they can make the best decisions for us and those around the world.

We can all contribute to this process by bringing mindful awareness to our political views and interactions whether it be at the micro level of the politics of our families and local communities or the grand level of global politics.

*Original article can be found here.


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