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Resources: vignettes/ case studies

Real life stories on how mindfulness can help you in your daily life with commentaries by Dr. Walsh

Resources proudly supported by
Mindfulness with Dr. Walsh: from relaxation to resilience
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Resources: vignettes/ case studies

Vignettes and case studies are based on real stories from Dr. Walsh’s students and patients. It is designed to raise awareness for the practical application of mindfulness in real life, so you can also use it to help you. Names have been changed for privacy purposes.

We hope you find these public Resources useful and if you are not sure where to start, how to best use the resources on this site or how to take your practice to another level, we are here to help. Please feel free to:

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Note: for course participants, please feel free to bring any resources from here that you would like to discuss further with Dr. Walsh.

Mindful surgery

A real life case study on Dr. Walsh's own shoulder surgery and his accompanying mindfulness practice. This gives you a glimpse into the challenges that even mindfulness veterans such as Dr. Walsh can face following a major event such as surgery... and of-course how mindfulness can help you overcome it.

One in five Australians suffers from chronic pain, which devastates one's daily activities, relationships and mental health. In a glimpse into his decade long practice of using mindfulness to help with chronic pain, Dr. Walsh explains how this can be achieved through a real-life case study.

A real story on how to apply mindfulness to your every day life by just giving you that extra moment of clarity and resilience to survive a car accdient, a 40oC day, a broken water system...

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