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Mindfulness with

Dr. Walsh



Supporting you to achieve relaxation and beyond through three types of structured, evidence based and practical mindfulness training

Upcoming training:

Level 1: Establishing a Practice - 22/2/22 - 29/3/22

Level 2: Developing the Inner Witness - 10/5/22 - 14/6/22

Level 3: Fruits of Resilience - 13/9/22 -18/10/22

Mindfullness virtual sessions - TBC - Register your interest

Mindfulness Full Day Retreat- Sunday 4 September 2022

Royal Domain Building, Rooftop Function Terrace 

370 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004

Why is a specialist doctor running mindfulness courses?




After decades of raising awareness for mindfulness and teaching it in the health care setting, Dr. Walsh wanted to bring its benefits to the general public. As a result, Dr. Walsh's direct-to-public training, Mindfulness with Dr. Walsh was born. The training includes group workshops (From relaxation to resilience), organisational training (For Your Team's needs) and mindfulness retreats (Deepening Your Practice). Collectively they aim to strengthen people's minds and improve their lives.


The training's proceeds go towards supporting the public Resources available at and our awareness raising efforts.

In this course, we aim to teach practical techniques, skills and ways of thinking that you can use to build your emotional intelligence (EI) and resilience, self awareness and the capacity to stay steady under pressure (such as conflicts and work deadlines), as well as your ability to relate empathically to others’ thoughts, emotions and actions, which lead you to become a better communicator, leader, team player and more adaptable to change. ​ It will help you to relax more quickly into your downtime so you can more fully enjoy and benefit from it. The training will also help you to focus better, and build your capacity in decision making and creative problem solving.
Special features of the course




Jon Kabat Zinn and other senior western mindfulness trainers emphasise that mindfulness trainers need their own well established mindfulness practice. Chris Walsh has been practising daily for 30 years and he has been teaching it for 20 years, during which he has integrated various approaches including:

Special focus on practical integration of mindfulness by Dr. Walsh
Special teaching techniques to make learning easier by Dr. Walsh
Types of training




We offer three types of training:

  1. Mindfulness group courses with Dr. Walsh: from relaxation to resilience 

  2. Mindful Re-Presentations Workshops with Dr. Walsh

  3. Mindfulness Retreat with Dr. Walsh: deepening your practice

Group Lecture


Mindfulness with Dr. Walsh: from relaxation to resilience group workshop is a short course offering practical and evidence based training, which is tailored to your needs and challenges. It is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners as a structured set of courses evolving over time.




Mindful representations help us to better manage our relationships with loved ones, family members, friends and work colleagues by:

  • specifically addressing persistent or repetitive interpersonal problems.

  • giving us a set of understandings and skills that equip us to better manage these relationships.




Employing action based learning, our 1 day retreat is designed for people who have some experience of mindfulness and want a deepening experience. It aims to enhance your ability to apply mindfulness to the challenges of your daily life.






We understand sometimes testimonials can be useful in helping you to learn about our courses. Unfortunately as a medical practitioner, Chris Walsh is not able to provide testimonials.


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Royal Domain Building, Level 1, Suite 108,

370 St Kilda Rd. Melbourne, Vic, 3004, Australia

Ph: +61 (0)3 9699 9374. 

Paid street parking along

St Kilda Rd, Albert Rd, Park Street and Wells St

Trams: 3/3a, 5, 6, 8, 16, 55, 64, 67, and 72

Tram stop 20, named Park St.

P : 03 9699 9374   |   F: 03 8677 9363

M, T, Th   |   8:30am - 5:30pm

        Except days of mindfulness courses



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