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Mindfulness with

Dr. Walsh

For your team's needs

Get the resilient and competitive minds that your team needs

Understanding your organisation's needs




Good effective staff is your greatest asset. You need them to be high performers in a world of constant change and increase in competition, while maintaining a good work life balance and a happy office environment. To do this they need to be:


  • able to manage ambiguity, change and stress with aplomb

  • creative and out-of-the-box thinkers while remain a practical approach under pressure

  • influencers and transformational leaders while also being good team players.


How can they do all this in today's work environment of rapid change and increase competition?

With numerous academic papers published on mindfulness's impact in the workplace, highly successful American organisations like Google, Target and General Mills have embraced mindfulness training for their employees. In Australia what can be done and how can we help?

All training proceeds go towards supporting the public Resources available at and our awareness raising efforts.

Your corporate needs




Training resources for participants will be sent out individually.

Click here to see articles on mindfulness and working professionals, and here for resources for the general public, health care professionals and participants of Mindfulness with Dr. Walsh: from relaxation to resilience


Team training



Alongside our group training courses, we also provide the following organisational training:


  • half day to one day mindfulness workshops

  • longer workshops for strategy days or off-site days

  • organisational retreats

  • regular mindfulness in-service classes.


Topics are tailored, enjoyable and structured based on your organisational or team's needs, which may include:


  • Self awareness, resilience and how to overcome ambiguity and challenges with clarity and calmness (without outbursts or venting)

  • Creative problem solving and mental agility under pressure with a balance between the big picture and the details

  • Emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills (as leaders and team members) in order to build capacity within the team

  • Stakeholder management and negotiation

  • Presentation and public speaking

  • Stress management and work life balance

  • and more.


Please contact us to discuss your needs and see how Dr. Walsh can provide practical mindfulness training to your organisation and team.


Please visit Mindfulness with Dr. Walsh: from relaxation to resilience for further information about our mission, Dr. Walsh, special features of our approach.


* All participants need to notify Dr Walsh of all active or potentially active medical or psychiatric conditions. This will be important for the tailoring of the training to your particular needs.


Corporate offerings




We understand sometimes testimonials can be useful in helping you to learn about our courses. Unfortunately as a medical practitioner, Chris Walsh is not able to provide testimonials.


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