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Mindfulness and your neighbours

We all have different neighbours. There are ones we love, ones we run the other way from when we see them, and ones we just want to hug! No matter how you feel about them, they are always in our lives and the noisy ones can be particularly challenging, especially when you are trying to do some well-deserved meditation. Let's get some tips from Dr. Walsh on what to do

"During my meditation this evening, I had just a very inspiring experience. My neighbours are always very noisy and this disturbed me much in my concentration.

But this time, I tried to change my usual attitude of anger, irritation and annoyance. I had the idea of treating the noise as a mindfulness bell, which takes me back to the present moment! This achieve amazing results. I never had such a relaxing and deep meditation before with so much noise around me. Instead of the noise being disturbing, it became a wonderful noise that reminds me to stay where I am and in the present.

Thank you dear neighbours for helping me!"

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