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The Hidden Price of Mindfulness Inc.

'The other morning, I woke up and brewed a cup of Mindful Lotus tea ($6 for 20 bags). On the subway, I loaded the Headspace app on my iPhone and followed a guided mindfulness exercise ($13 a month for premium content). Later in the day, I dropped by Mndfl, a meditation studio in Greenwich Village ($20 for a 45-minute class)


But with so many cashing in on the meditation craze, it’s hard not to wonder whether something essential is being lost. If mindfulness can be bought as easily as a pair of Lululemon yoga pants, can it truly be a transformative practice that eases the troubled mind? It’s a question as slippery as a Zen koan...'*

#Mindfulness simply can't be #brought and there is no quick fix. To gain its full benefit of enhancing resilience, emotional intelligence, stress management and creativity, you need to #practice regularly and #train your #mind. It's like a #muscle that strengthens with regular #exercise and training. Start the journey via our open #resource at

*

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