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Mindfulness with

Dr. Walsh

COVID-19 virtual sessions

Building your practice during the COVID-19 pandemic through drop-in and regular virtual sessions

Upcoming training:

Level 1: Establishing a Practice - starts 12/2/20 (FULL)

Level 2: Developing the Inner Witness - starts 14/4/20

Level 3: Fruits of Resilience - starts 14/7/20

COVID-19 drop-in virtual sessions - starts now

What are the drop-in virtual sessions?



Mindfulness with Dr Walsh: COVID-19 virtual sessions are developed to help you to continue building your mindfulness practice during this unique time.


All drop-in virtual sessions are FREE of charge.

Forest Home

The Structure



There are 2 types of virtual drop-in sessions.

  • Tuesday sessions during the day for the public

  • Tuesday evening session for our past students

All sessions are virtual via Zoom and last 1. Learn more about our overarching approach to training here.


Starts now til further notice.

These sessions are designed as drop-in sessions for the public. It is suitable for people with various skill levels.

This is a FREE session to attend.

​Starts 26 May - 7 July 2020.

These sessions are designed as more structured drop-in sessions for our past students. It is suitable for those who has at least completed Level 1 of our structured group courses.

This is a FREE session to attend.

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The fine print:

* All participants need to notify Dr Walsh of all active or potentially active medical or psychiatric conditions. This will be important for the tailoring of the training to your particular needs​





We understand sometimes testimonials can be useful in helping you to learn about our courses. Unfortunately as a medical practitioner, Chris Walsh is not able to provide testimonials.

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